The Locust Farm Project Brings Nourishment and Independence to the Kenyan Needy

 - Aug 3, 2012
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The notion of eating insects is foreign to most Westerners; however, part of the strength of the Locust Farm project lies in the widely unknown fact that bugs are packed with protein. The purpose of this mission is to find a way to improve the terrible malnutrition situation in the Dadaab refugee camp in the most economic and efficient way possible.

An entry into the James Dyson Award competition, Locust Farm is a kit that's lightweight, compact, cheaply made and easily maintained. Ideally, every underprivileged family would receive one, funded by donations. Soil and water are the primary ingredients for keeping this boxed ecosystem alive, allowing crickets to mate, spawn and multiply to make for remarkably nutritious meals. Clear upkeep instructions would be provided with every Locust Farm and the breeding could bring communities closer together.