From Disturbing Marine Life Ads to Suicidal Animal Ads

 - Jul 25, 2013
When it comes to catching a viewer's attention, creating an ad that is visually shocking is certainly one effective approach, and these morbid ad campaigns are some striking examples of how incorporating aspects of death and violence serves to make a bold impression.

Gory scenes and violent images isn't something that people ordinary see on a regular basis, which is why incorporating those morbid references into an ad campaign is a creative way to catch people off guard and capture their attention. Mainly focusing on certain safety issues such as driving or concerns about animal cruelty, these morbid ad campaigns are going beyond the bounds of what is normally acceptable in society to show much darker and often realistic effects of these issues.

From human helmet ads to ghostly donor campaigns, these morbid ad campaigns are showcasing that reality isn't always a pretty picture.