Tim Lahan's Gingerbread Bodegas Feature Store Front Windows

 - Dec 28, 2011
References: timlahan.tumblr & notcot.org
Gingerbread cookies are a delicious treat to enjoy during the holiday season, and these Gingerbread Bodegas will make the cookie that much more enjoyable.

Created by designer Tim Lahan, the Gingerbread Bodegas feature store front windows that everyone can recognize. From 'Bagel Town' to 'Shoe Repair,' these cookies are like taking a bite out of the staple stores that you encounter from everyday life. The recognizable factor may just make the cookies taste even more enticing than usual.

Check out the Gingerbread Bodegas to see which ones you recognize.

Implications - Designs that consumers recognize from their daily lives attract more attention on the market than items that only focus on practicality. Companies could increase their sale by focusing on images that customers connect to emotionally.