- Feb 5, 2015
These surprising pork recipes show there are many more ways to incorporate the meat into your meals than with a simple roast. Common in Asian cuisine, pork is increasingly being combined with other culinary cultures.

Food blogger The Vulgar Chef created pulled pork waffles by mixing the meat with batter and topping the finished product with macaroni and cheese as well as crumbled bacon bits. Ramen-covered meatballs put a fun spin on Chinese food by covering the pork with noodles, giving them a porcupine-like vibe. They can then be dipped into a number of delightful sauces, from sweet chili to spicy garlic. The stacked meat burger is another vehicle for pork recipes, as seen with promotional zombie burgers, comfort food burgers, the pork sausage patty containing Porknado and pork belly patty-featuring creation from PornBurger.

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