The 1050 Bacon Burger is the World's Most Unhealthy Dish

On a cool spring morning in Japan, one man who knew no boundaries and dared to break the status quo, walked into a Burger King and ordered the '1050 Bacon Burger.' Perhaps the most unhealthy meal ever served at a fast food restaurant, this burger had exactly 1050 pieces of bacon on it. Luckily, the workers at Burger King were nice enough to prepare this specialty burger and it cost the man over $100. The result was a tower of meat dripping in grease.

After he had ordered the burger the only logical thing to do was try and devour it. After a valid attempt, the pork column proved to be too much for the man as he ran into the bathroom.

The bacon craze only continues to grow and the list of ridiculously meaty items keeps getting bigger and unhealthier.