- Feb 17, 2015
These pancake toppings range from meaty breakfast sauces to boozy chocolate syrups that are both indulgent and unusual. If you're a fan of a big breakfast, give one of these delicious sauces, syrups or jam products a try.

Pancake fans with a serious sweet tooth can indulge in a boozy chocolate syrup topping while those with more savory tastes can enhance the flavor of their pancakes with a fruity ketchup garnish or poultry-inspired breakfast syrup.

A standout from this list is Torani's Old Bacon syrup, a product that can be infused into cocktails and savoury meal recipes. The product also doubles as an unexpected pancake topping that can be paired with traditional maple syrup.

With Mardi Gras celebrations in full effect, there is no better time to try one of these indulgent pancake toppings than now.

From Meaty Breakfast Sauces to Boozy Chocolate Syrups: