Drip Maple Syrup Packaging Enables Easy Dispensing with a Delightful Look

 - Feb 21, 2014
References: alexleonkhan & packagingoftheworld
Drip Maple Syrup packaging demonstrates a very different approach to design from what you might be used to seeing on the supermarket shelf. Instead of selling the expensive saccharine sauce in a substantial glass or tin container, Alex Leon-Khan and team decided to suggest post-consumer recycled plastic, making it lightweight and eco-friendly.

With a bulky vessel avoided, the sirup is cheaper and easier to ship, and a great deal simpler to use by the consumer. The thin casing can be squeezed to encourage the quick dispensing of the contents; meanwhile, the form of Drip Maple Syrup packaging facilitates a good grip. The pine-tree-shaped holder is topped with a pointed spout that further affords a more controlled pour.