From Homemade Coco-Hazelnut Spreads to Spicy Breakfast Spreads

 - Jun 10, 2015
From unconventional sandwich condiments to hearty breakfast spreads, these savory toppings can make a great addition to a number of food items.

While spicy breakfast spreads add a little kick to a morning meal, jalapeno-infused peanut butter will add a tangy punch to the traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. These savory spreads also include a wide range of refashioned chocolate spreads for the those who enjoy a bit of sweetness with their sandwich. Cannabis chocolate spreads refashion the iconic Nutella for those who have been prescribed medical marijuana, while Reese's combines chocolate and peanut butter for the best of both worlds.

Homemade spreads also make a great sandwich accent. DIY fruit-flavored condiments include strawberry and go great with toast, fresh vegetables and more.