Omid Spreadable Beer Lets You Have Booze for Breakfast

 - Sep 3, 2013
References: tinyurl & thatsnerdalicious
Try to contain your excitement over the existence of Omid Spreadable Beer. This ingenious creation is a chocolate spread infused with the delicious flavor of a dark ale. The spread was created via a collaboration between an Italian chocolatier and an Italian brewery. The spread is made with 40 percent beer and is another one of the many sweet treats to have been recently infused with booze.

Omid Spreadable Beer is likely to bring up memories of Whipped Lightning, the alcoholic whipped cream. The spread is a bit more accessible than the whipped cream and is hopefully less alcoholic. After all, Nutella is put on a lot more things than whipped cream, and you can eat it for breakfast as well! The boozy spread is available now and is selling for $12.