meia.duzia's Unconventional Jam Packaging Likens Food to Art

 - May 22, 2015
Unusual jam flavors like Raspberry & Lime, Watermelon & Strawberry and Plum, Lemon & Thyme are certainly enough to make meia.dúzia's products deserving of special jam packaging. The exotic jam spreads are sold in thin tubes, which encourages sparing use of the decadent spread as an addition to savory cooking and sweet desserts. Dispensed from a tube rather than scooped out of a jar, this also means fewer messes to clean up afterwards. The unusual presentation of the jam also makes it highly giftable, elevating a simple spread into an artful one that inspires chefs to get creative in the kitchen.

In addition to these refreshing herbal and fruit fusions, meia.dúzia also produces a number of jams infused with alcohol, such as its Fundão Cherry Jam with Brandy and the Strawberry jam with Port Wine and Chili.