Chicken n' Waffles Syrup Can Be Eaten by Itself

Torani has just announced their latest and greatest invention: 'Chicken n' Waffles Syrup.' Known for its outrageous flavors such as 'Bacon Syrup,' Torani continues this with the mix of meat and breakfast food.

Torani is hoping this sauce will catch on as a "cult-favorite" and people will buy it for its flavor and its novelty. The company got the idea for this syrup from a club in New York City that originally started serving chicken and waffles on the same dish. Torani even gives a recipe for an alcoholic drink that the Chicken n' Waffles Syrup can be used in called the 'Harlem Jazz Smash.'

The Chicken n' Waffles Syrup by Torani will hit the shelves in April of 2012.