- Dec 13, 2014
From intergalactic waffle makers to cereal-separating bowls, this list of breakfast themed gifts will appeal to foodies who are obsessed with the most important meal of the day.

Whether you're a breakfast connoisseur, a budding chef or just someone who loves food-themed novelties, you're sure to appreciate this holiday gift list.

Fan favorites from this collection of breakfast themed gifts include selfie-printed toasters that blend one's favorite food with a picture of their face. This product blends breakfast traditions with modern technology and is a novelty gift millennial generations and social media users will love.

Other memorable products from the list include crocheted breakfast rugs that are woven to resemble a sunny-side-up egg plate along with skeletal egg shapers that are perfect for Halloween or days when your kid is being a picky eater.

From Artistic Toaster Ovens to Crocheted Egg Yolk Decor: