These Crochet Scarves Represent Some of Your Favorite Foods

 - Jun 24, 2013
References: neatoshop
Who knew crochet scarves could make your taste buds tingle? The Bacon and Eggs scarf, Sushi scarf and Cupcake scarf by Yummy You are crochet representations of some of our favorite foods. The scarf itself is a giant chain of crochet foods, one bacon strip and sunny-side-up egg after another.

Visually, the Bacon and Eggs scarf is the most detectable. With brown squiggly strips of bacon and 3D eggs with bright yellow yolks, the scarf is visibly a neat rendition of a delicious breakfast. The Sushi scarf is harder to make out from afar, due to its wide range of vibrant colors and detailed designs. But when examined closely, you’ll see maki rolls, salmon and tamago sushis. It’s pretty cool that the creator was able to knit 3D food shapes completely out of crochet.