- Jul 22, 2015
Stylish nautical accessories are made for the fashion fans who are also fans of the deep blue sea. These fashion pieces display all kinds of seaside elements from clam shells to mermaids.

DIY seashell necklaces are a fun craft to create during childhood but the grown-up fashion fan can indulge in NatashaSuter's Jersey Shore Bottle Pendant which features bits of seashells, sea glass and crab shells. Keeping time can also be done with a stylish nautical flair. Ulysse Nardin's Baltimore Classico Cloisonné watch pays tribute to Captain Thomas Boyle whereas the Swatch Scuba Watch mirrors the look of a traditional yellow submarine.

These stylish nautical accessories also feature intricate rope jewelry from bracelets to necklaces.

From Golden Seashell Clutches to Yellow Submarine Watches: