This Mermaid Princess Jewelry Collection Takes Disney Underwater

Disney princesses are always a hot topic and this mermaid princess jewelry collection is a splash of fun! DeviantART user Nakihra made these creative handcrafted necklaces out of polymer clay. As you look closely, you can see a shimmer in the mermaid princesses’ tails. Tiny jewels are placed along their bodies to make them sparkle in the sunlight.

There’s a mermaid necklace for every princess from Mulan to Rapunzel to Elsa and Snow White. These necklaces take Disney appreciation to a whole new level. It’s a unique and original concept that’s never been done before. Nakihra took great care to outline every strand of hair and eyelash on each princess and she carefully molded their dresses and tails. The intricate design gives off the illusion that the mermaid princesses are underwater. This mermaid princess jewelry collection is so pretty and unique. They make the perfect presents for the special little girl in your life, or for hardcore Disney fans.