These Odd Christmas Ornaments Really Bring the Sizzle

 - Dec 29, 2013
References: etsy
If your favorite meal of the day is breakfast, then these odd Christmas ornaments will be a tasty addition to your holiday tree. Semi-recently the Internet has gone crazy for anything bacon. It just can't get enough of the sizzling little strips of ham. If you also have followed the obsession, then make your tree more tasty with these bacon accessories.

These odd Christmas ornaments look as funny as they do yummy. Made by OlechkaDesign on Etsy, they are created with a high-quality polymer clay. After being molded into a wavy strip shape, they are painted with red and white lines to look just like the meaty treat. To add to the adorableness and humor, little googly eyes are glued onto the front of the bacon strips and playful expressive faces are then painted on.