The Torradeira de Bolso is a Countertop Appliance for Your Desktop

 - Jan 24, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
Demanding working hours prevent a great deal of people from having a sufficiently nutritious and pleasantly comforting breakfast. For those who wait until they reach their office to prepare a morning meal, it's items like the Torradeira de Bolso which would significantly enhance quality and satisfaction.

Modeled on the streamlined appearances of laptops, tablets and external hard drives, this Daniela Azevedo and Flame design fulfills an unusual function for a workstation. When pulled apart horizontally, it uncovers a grilling tray on which you can place a slice of bread for convenient heating at work.

The Torradeira de Bolso, or pocket toaster, comes with a protective cork carrying case, allowing you to tote it around and tidily stow it in your desk drawer. You can even keep your browned bread warm inside the plastic appliance and oak bark sheath for a short period, thanks to the material properties which prevent heat dissipation.