The Bacon Tie Will Bring Saturated Fats Into Work

 - Aug 16, 2012
References: baronbob & baronbob
For gentlemen who enjoy the heavenly taste of crispy, salt bacon, the Bacon Tie will be warmly received. This mouth-watering accessory infuses the wonders of a pork product into office wear. Maintain your professional edge and put-together style without sacrificing your passion for BLTs, Baconators and bacon-infused breakfast meals.

Made for the seriously hardcore meat lover, this 100% polyester neck tie will grab the attention of anyone who walks through the door. Perfect for comical bosses, meat lovers and people looking to induce laughter from onlookers, the Bacon Tie is chock full of greasy goodness.

Whether you work on Wall Street or in the meat shop on the corner, dress up in some marvelously meaty apparel that will surely encourage a bacon-filled binge.