From Delicate Hybrid Desserts to Vegetable-Infused Macarons

 - Sep 9, 2015
These delicious macarons include traditional sweet flavors as well as unconventional hybrid snacks. Whether drizzled with chocolate sauce or decorated with intricate art, these macarons are as sweet and tasty as they come.

Both Cheetos macarons and toffee popcorn macarons offer unusual flavors when it comes to this iconic French pastry. While the aforementioned macarons juxtapose salty and sweet ingredients, Hello Kitty macarons and Bakerella Bear pastries reshape the traditional macaron shape to display a more animalistic appeal. These delicious macarons also include deceptive designs such as Sugar and Cloth's burger and fries macarons as well as Alana Jones-Mann's barbecued-inspired collection of mini macaron cakes.

Delicious macarons are offered in all kinds of shapes and sizes, awaiting to be devoured by hungry people.