- Jan 28, 2015
These Nutella recipes are so tasty, they're almost worth naming your first born after. Perusing these chocolate and hazelnut spread-based dishes is definitely in your best interest. Each of these treats contains the popular product as an ingredient.

Not unsurprisingly, many of these Nutella recipes will appeal to those with a sweet tooth. Several are a tasty take on a traditional dessert, such as the twisted hazelnut donuts from Krispy Kreme Puerto Rico. Nutella is also a popular add to classic campfire snacks, as seen with layered s'more confections, campfire hybrid confections, cinnamon s'more bread, caffeinated campfire chillers and deluxe campfire-inspired squares. There are also savory options, including confetti party nachos, chocolate flavored bacon cronuts and chocolate-infused savory sandwiches. Of course, Nutella-incorporating cocktails are a thing too.

From Chocolate Croissant Donut Hybrids to Chocolate-Covered Pork: