Nutella-Coated Bacon Will Give You an Instant Heart Attack

The fastest way to get a free ride in an ambulance to the hospital is to stuff your face with Nutella-Coated Bacon. This sweet and fatty breakfast will clog your arteries faster than than you can say "this is so delicious that it might just clog my arteries."

bell'alimento invented the concept and, as they put it, "it's the perfect balance of flavor." All one has to do is make the bacon in a frying pan then heat up the Nutella in the microwave. Once the chocolate goodness is nice and gooey, simply slather it over the bacon and chow down.

While the Nutella-Coated Bacon may end up killing you from its unhealthy ingredients, it's probably the best way to die because you pass on to the next world in complete bliss.