From Cheeseburger Rice Balls to Festive Melted Munchies

 - Aug 9, 2014
Regardless of the concerns that surround the use of the microwave, this collection of microwavable foods prove that we're easily swayed by convenience. Our schedules are busier than ever and the sheer idea of cooking a full meal is both daunting and time-consuming. As such, there's likely to be one or two recipes within this collection of microwavable foods that can be added to your meal.

Microwaving (or "nuking") is often shrouded in controversy as being a questionable way to cook foods. With that said, there are few homes across North America that don't have the tiny yet mighty machine working for them on a daily basis. As we continue to look for ways to cut down the time needed in our routine, it's clear that things like microwavable foods will remain a mainstay.