This Quick Chocolate Muffin is Perfect For One or a Couple

 - Feb 21, 2013
References: dessertswithbenefits
Making a dessert for one or a couple people often means making a big batch of something that will only tempt you for seconds and thirds, but this chocolate muffin microwave dessert recipe is just the ticket for creating something small and sweet.

The microwave is often overlooked as being the powerful machine that it is and it wouldn't be immediately looked to as a means to make dessert. Most desserts require a large range that will add at least 30 minutes or so to the process. A microwave dessert recipe is something you can put into effect on a weekday evening when you're too tired to use the oven or as a fallback plan when guests drop by for dinner. Just make sure to tread lightly because once you start baking in the microwave, you might not stop.