This Nutella Baklava Dessert is Filled with Melted Chocolate

If you like sweet desserts, this Nutella baklava treat is a fun way to incorporate a classic chocolate spread into a delicious European pastry treat.

Baklavas are a staple eastern European dessert made from layered phyllo pastry, honey and nuts. The dessert is meant to sit overnight for several hours so the honey seeps through each of the flaky layers of the phyllo pastry. Blogger Culinary Adventures in the Kitchen gives foodies the chance to make a Nutella-filled baklava that incorporates the creamy chocolate spread in between the layers of phyllo pastry. The combination of layered honey and Nutella creates a deliciously mouth-watering taste. This Nutella baklava cleverly infuses the cult classic chocolate spread with a traditional and timeless baking recipe.