The Nutella Burger is a Sugary Take on a Savory Dish

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: yumsugar
Part of the Pop Sugar #EatTheTrend segment, the recipe of the mouthwatering Nutella Burger is experimented with to show people exactly how to make it for themselves. At first glance, the resulting dish may look like an actual hamburger, but that is because the ingredients for the Nutella Burger have been carefully chosen to feed the deception.

The main part of the Nutella Burger is the patty, which is made out of Nutella and powdered sugar that is made firm in the refrigerator. In place of the classic toppings lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, the Nutella Burger boasts kiwi, strawberries and mango. All of the ingredients are held together between a halved sugared donut. It can be served with shortbread fries and raspberry 'ketchup.'