Robicelli's Nutella Lasagna is a Decadent Take on Pastry Mashups

While the French are combining pastries (i.e. baking croissant donut hybrids), apparently the Italians are making Nutella Lasagna, or Nutellasagna. From Brooklyn-based bakery Robicelli's, the "Frankenfood" consists of cannoli custard cream, crushed roasted hazelnuts, buttery lasagna noodles, marshmallow topping and Nutella spread (of course).

Those who live in New York City will be able to order a tray of the Nutella Lasagna starting the week of Christmas. It will come served in a foil catering pan, so you can put it in the oven if you wish. Of course it tastes equally as delicious served cold; it's really a matter of taste preference. Between the mascarpone mousse and bruleed marshmallows, this decadent dessert is sure to be a crowd-pleaser this holiday season if you are hosting guests.