The Pancake Butter & Syrup Quilt Comes with a Side of Bacon Rug

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: roscross & neatorama
The Pancake Butter & Syrup Quilt might look like it was made for the food-loving individual, quirky hipster or imaginative child, but it was actually created as a comment on American food consumption.

The creator, artist Ross Cross, writes, "The pancakes quilt was my response to the onslaught of American food (huge proportions) upon my arrival from the UK." Having moved from Kent, England, to Los Angeles, California nearly 30 years ago, it can be safe to assume that he has become accustomed to the large portions by now.

Accompanied by a bacon rug, the Pancake Butter & Syrup Quilt is made to fit over a standard full-sized bed used for art exhibits. It was displayed at The New American Quilt show.