The Arzum Firrin Toaster Allows You to Toast Your Bread Horizontally

 - May 5, 2013
References: foodiggity & incrediblethings
This revolutionary new Arzum Firrin Toaster will change the way you eat breakfasts forever. No more sticking your fork or knife into the toasters electrical components and giving yourself an electric shock before you've even had your morning cup of joe.

With this forward-thinking toaster, future breakfasts will be a hassle-free walk in the park. Simply slide your toast in the side and pull it out whenever you want to check if it has burned. Another neat thing about this toaster is that you can clean the crumb tray with ease, instead of having to shake your toaster upside down.

If you're a person (or maybe it's just me) that usually burns your toast about three times in the mornings, before getting it right, then the Arzum Firrin Toaster could make your life that little bit sweeter.