Intoxicate the Room with the Toast Air Freshener

 - Sep 26, 2011
References: mcphee & laughingsquid
Last time I checked, toast doesn't really have a smell unless it's burned; however, the Toast Air Freshener guarantees that it'll bring an intoxicating scent should the time come.

The Toast Air Freshener is a deodorizer that will likely fill the room with scents of 8 a.m. breakfast. The packaging cleverly depicts two pieces of toast hung by a piece of string, as it's popped out of a retro-looking toaster. Given its size, this isn't going to stop a stinkfest in a large room, but it will capably do its job in the car.

The next time a dog throws up in the car or nasty takeout has filled the interior with remnants of burgers and fries, put the Toast Air Freshener to work.