Start the Morning Perfectly with the Bacon and Eggs Soaps

 - Nov 14, 2012
References: etsy
The perfect breakfast would ideally consist of a gigantic plate of bacon and eggs -- well, maybe jut the bacon -- so Etsy user AJSweetSoap has brought those dreams to life with the bacon and eggs soaps.

After waking up first thing in the morning, we usually brush our teeth, relieve our exploding bladders and wash up. Just before breakfast, our lovely hands are fed a delectable meal before we even have ours. Each soap set comes with two strips of crispy bacon and a perfectly fried egg, sunny side up. Unfortunately, these bacon and eggs soaps are scented with vanilla buttercream oil, but what a euphoria it would be it we could just sniff our hands and smell the sweet aromas of cooked bacon all the time.