From LGBT Cookie Campaigns to Zesty Cream Cookies

 - Jul 24, 2014
Oreo cookies are a classic sweet dessert item that many enjoy dunking into a tall glass of milk and these Oreo cookie creations take the chocolate and vanilla biscuit to new heights. Nowadays it's all about expanding the Oreo cookie image with fresh flavors, unconventional eating practices and exciting new recipes.

To many consumers, Oreo cookies will always be the classic vanilla cream sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits. It's fun to see how new Oreo creations remix this classic design, flavor and look of the original Oreo to create new rituals for cookie connoisseurs to test out. Oreos now come in a wide variety of unconventional flavors like fried chicken and birthday cake. Consumers are even infusing Oreos into well-known dessert recipes like truffles, cakes and even S'mores.