The Mars Rover Oreo Celebrates Man's Milestones on Scrumptious Cream Filling

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: brands.nabisco &
Most companies might wonder how to make their products relevant to more aspects of daily life for the consumer, but the Mars Rover Oreo proves that Nabisco is not one of them. As part of its marketing strategy, the cookie maker keeps a blog called the Daily Twist that celebrates current events in the form of cream-filled biscuits.

Here, for August 5th 2012, this scrumptious snack symbolizes the landing of the Mars Rover. To more directly reference the occasion without complicating the look of the cookie, the graphic design team turned the typically white sugary filling red, just like the burnt sienna sand of the fourth planet from the sun. The tiny detail of two tire tracks was applied to the soft icing of the Mars Rover Oreo to make it look like a miniature space shuttle landing site.