From Decadent Skull Confections to 3D Printed Sweets

 - Jan 20, 2015
These artistic chocolate products range from decadent skull confections to 3D printed sweets that are almost too beautiful to eat. Standouts from this unique snack list include Nendo's limited edition chocolates that feature textural representations of Japanese words. The confections were for Maison & Objet and each feature a sculptural cube shape that correspond with popular phrases.

In addition to this stunning snack, other memorable examples from this list are White Rabbit chocolate's meteor inspired desserts. The chocolatier draws inspiration from astronomy and makes their edible sweets resemble natural crystals or space rocks.

Foodies with a serious sweet tooth will love this list of artistic chocolate products. From the sculptural to the pop culture themed, these sweet snacks are beautiful to look at and delicious to consume.