These Chocolate Mountains are Inspired by Icelandic Glaciers

Product designer Brynhildur Palsodottir has created these chocolate mountains that are both educational and delicious. For all of the chocolate lovers out there, you can now indulge in your favourite sweets while learning a thing or two about real geological structures.

There are four models of the edible mountain-inspired chocolates, each carrying a different flavour for your sweet tooth preference. The chocolate mountains are designed to resemble the glaciers found in Iceland. Among the mout-watering ingredients are caramel to represent magma, almonds, macadamia nuts, sugar-roasted coffee beans, and pistacho cream filling to name a few.

Now you won't have to feel so guilty for indulging in some chocolate. Instead of thinking about all of the calories you're consuming, you can pat yourself on the back for educating yourself on Icelandic glaciers while taking a bite into these chocolate mountains.