- Apr 25, 2014
This list of stationery innovations is bound to bring out your inner organizer and inspire you to make a to-do list. Even though we live in a technological society full of tablets and smartphones, people still tend to jot things down on paper when an important thought comes to mind. Some people may type something in their phone's notepad app, but what happens when they are talking on it or it's dead? It is best to situate note pads around your house in case of impromptu writing needs.

This list includes stationery sets for everyone; there are quirky Star Wars-inspired sets for the sci-fi enthusiasts, superhero notepads for comic-book lovers and burger-shaped memo pads for foodies. Even if you practice an eco-friendly lifestyle, there are numerous re-usable paper products for you.

From LEGO-Themed Stationery to Skyscraper Memo Pads: