Write the 'Knock Knock Nifty' Notes for Those Who Deserve It

 - Nov 7, 2011
References: knockknock.biz & designyoutrust
Some people tell it like it is, and some don't, so for those who are shy but want to express their feelings in a brutally honest manner, the 'Knock Knock Nifty' Notes are for you.

The hilarious Knock Knock Nifty Notes let people write up citations for those who deserve a wake up call. Is that friend of a friend's fist-pumping a gyrating eye-sore? Write him up a Douchebag Citation. Of course, there are nicer versions of these notes. If you want to say sorry, there's the Apology Notepad. Or maybe there's a good-looking guy/girl you'd like to approach; this is where the Paper Pick-Up citation comes in.

Whether it's because you're incredibly shy or just at a loss for words, the Knock Knock Nifty Notes will help express your honesty without talking out loud.