These 'Get the Hint' Sticky Notes are Brutally Blunt Reminders

These 'Get the Hint' sticky notes are brutally blunt reminders! Sticky notes are by no means anything new; they've been handy household and office items for years. Traditional blank sticky notes are easy to overlook or ignore with their bland, blank design that is simply unacceptable by today's unconventional standards.

These 'Get the Hint' sticky notes have re-vamped the previously passive pads, making them impossible to ignore. The notepads come in packages of four, with each stack boldly boasting a different message on its front, such as "This is F*cking Urgent" and "You'll Love This Crap." They also sport a large, colored arrow which points at whatever you stick it to.

These 'Get the Hint' sticky notes transform passive paper pads into super sassy stickies!