Assess Your Partner with the Santa Checklist Notepad

 - Dec 12, 2013
References: urbanoutfitters
Use the Santa checklist notepad to decide if your significant other belongs on the nice or naughty list.

This pad comes with pre-made lists to decide what present to get him or her. Each list includes items that either seriously belong on the list or are humorous. For example, some items on the naughty list include more serious issues such as 'refuse to cooperate' and 'eavesdrop.' However, on the flip, some reasons that are said to put you on the naughty list are 'wear holiday sweaters' and 'refuse to floss' which aren't actual reasons that would qualify as naughty. The nice list includes 'shop with me' and 'sing carols.'

While this Santa checklist notepad isn't a true indication of where your partner belongs, it's still a fun way to let them know what you like and don't! The bottom of the sheet reveals that someone on the naughty list should get a re-gift or coal while a nice person would receive a hug or a pony.