Frame-It Notepads Make Every Doodle and Jot into Art

 - Aug 12, 2011
References: tuvie
Post-It notes are generally treated as a disposable means of recording brief written reminders, so it's amusing to see the way that Frame-It notepads alter such a perspective. The practice of adding an elaborate trim to the border of a simple sketch or scrawled message is something that galleries occasionally do to single out the scribblings of famous masters. Why shouldn't your own delightful doodles be afforded such attention at home?

If there's any concern that your mini memos aren't being taken seriously by their recipients, a fancy frame might change that. These scratch pads come in all shapes, sizes and colors to complement the creativity that you possess. Endearing adhesive Frame-It notepads can even be mounted on the wall or arranged along shelves and tables like ordinary picture frames.