These Chips Ahoy Cookies are Filled with Oreo Vanilla Cream

 - Jun 4, 2014
References: brands.nabisco & foodiggity
Brace yourselves -- the newest Chips Ahoy cookies now come filled with delicious vanilla Oreo cream.

While some might say Chips Ahoy and Oreo are the two top opposing cookies, it's fair to say that this cookie hybrid is a collaboration that will be enjoyed by many. The deliciously sweet vanilla icing cream from the iconic chocolate Oreo cookies now comes filled inside a deliciously chewy Chips Ahoy cookie. It's kind of like an Oreo cookie was replaced with two chocolate chip cookies except the cookies don't sandwich the cream. Instead the chocolate chip cookies completely encircle the cream in a delicious cookie dough and vanilla marriage. One bite into this cookie and you're hooked. Who can say no to a cream-filled chocolate chip cookie?