From Superhero Burger Buns to Comic Superhero Cartoon Cookies

 - Sep 1, 2015
Superhero fever has invaded the world and even taken over our food -- whether it's cute cartoon cookies or a full-on charcoal black Batman Burger.

Classic items like comic book mugs and dishware come onto the market with each new wave of hero enthusiasm. Co-branded fast food meals still hold their own, always offering a collector's item to sweeten the deal. But now there's an odder and more unique crop of food and beverage that's actually made to look like, taste like or be drawn from the universe of foodies' favorite comic book heroes.

Take, for example, the Japanese restaurant that serves a Batman-themed burger with a bun that's actually dyed jet black. Or the wedding cake that looks like a traditional white-tiered confection from the front, but reveals Spiderman's face from the back.

Taking it beyond cartoon cookies and creatively decorated packaging, superhero food has moved on to a whole new level of innovation.