This Bread Recipe was Created in Homage to Scott Summers of X-Men

The new X-Men movie hit theaters today and blogger 'Kitchen Overlord' decided to create a bread in honor one of the film's most loved superheroes: Scott Summers (also known as Cyclops).

The X-gened superhero is known for his laser optic blast eye gear, so it was fitting that 'Kitchen Overlord' made the bread to mimic its aesthetic. His uniform is blue and yellow, and if you add his optic blasting eyes, there’s also a touch of red. Those three colors make up the basic elements of the bread through the use of dyed dough.

Upon dyeing the dough, the cook puzzled the dough together so it would look like Cyclops' mask and placed it in the oven for 30 minutes at 375 F. For detailed instructions check out Kitchen Overlord's blog.