These Delicious Despicable Me Treats Look Like the Yellow Minions

The little yellow Minion sidekicks from the popular children's animation movie Despicable Me have received a geeky makeover in these superhero Minion confectionaries by blogger and baker Nerdache Cakes.

These quirky Minion treats creatively turn the yellow villains into popular DC Comics and Marvel superheroes. Nerdache Cakes uses various layers of fondant to replicate the iconic superhero costumes. Nerdache Cakes begins by sculpting and shaping the little pill-shaped bodies of the Minions from bright yellow fondant. From there, fondant Cyclops eye, goggles and toothy grins are added. To complete the superhero transformation, these Minion treats are dressed up in edible costumes from heroes like Batman, Superman and Captain America. It's fun to see what these mini villains would look like if they were big time heroes saving the day.