From Despicably Cute Colors to Extravagant Alien Accessories

 - Jul 9, 2015
The Despicable Me film created by Disney has launched the undeniable success of the movie's adorable alien characters called Minions. The Minions even star in their own movie that has recently been released.

With respect to the Minions' stardom, there have been numerous products created in their honor. These adorable alien characters have been placed on T-shirts, sneakers and even bags. Piers Atkinson has even created an entire line of Minion-inspired accessories that includes a luxurious Swarovski crystal studded veil.

On a more affordable scale, these quirky animated celebrities are featured on Capri-Sun's juice and snack packaging. Capri-Sun has also created a new Minion-inspired BanApple flavor. The Minions have made a name for themselves on the big screen as well as in numerous other marketing fields to satisfy fans across the globe.