Kris Kehasukjaren Draws Minion Illustrations with a Kick

 - Jun 16, 2014
References: facebook & designtaxi
Los Angeles-based illustrator Kris Kehasukjaren came up with a cute series that features minion illustrations. Each illustration showcases the villainous (but adorable) minions from the hit Pixar family flick 'Despicable Me.' However, Kehasukjaren re-imagined them in a more intimidating way than their depiction in the films; each minion is renditioned into a Street Fighter.

Two minions are dressed like iconic video game Street Fighters Ryu and Ken, while others poke fun of Cammy and her ridiculously revealing costume. Some minions are actually serious-looking and could probably fit into an arcade setting perfectly, but some looks are completely unfitting for the cute yellow workers. Many are hysterical-looking and are hard to take seriously -- which was clearly the goal of Kehasukjaren, considering he specifically chose the funny minions above all other pop culture characters.