This Lavish Line of Minion Hats & Veils Will Cost Upwards of $800

 - Jun 26, 2015
References: piersatkinson & luxurytrump
This luxurious line of alien accessories is full of cartoon-inspired items that will be featured on the cover on Vogue. These adorable movie stars from the animated film Despicable Me are planning to take over British runways one headband at a time.

From the big screen to the fashion world, these small Minions are making a huge name for themselves. This entire collection is comprised of six unique items including a "Swarovski crystal studded veil, a bowler hat, a beanie and a baseball cap."

These fashion-forward alien accessories are designed to look like the three famous Minniors Stuart, Kevin and Bob. These three cartoon celebrities are the focal point of Piers Atkinson’s capsule collection called 'Minions Bellow Yellow Collection.' Celebrities such as Cara Delevingne are already rocking these fancy hats around London.