Bamboota and Fernandez Create Their Own Line of Marvel-Themed Cereals

 - Oct 11, 2014
References: sharkrobot & robot6icbookresources
Designers Crystal Fontan (better known as Bamboota) and Elliott Fernandez have created a humorous line of Marvel-themed breakfast cereals.

Reminiscent of cereals from the 90s, these Marvel superhero cereals contain ample amounts of marshmallows, they come with a toy and features box art that make use of vibrant colors. Cleverly combining the names of current cereal brands with that of iconic Marvel heroes, Bamboota and Fernandez create their own pun-filled cereal names; Loki Charms, Groot Loops, Honey Nut Thorrios, Cap'n Ameri-Crunch and Tony's Iron Bran. In addition to the clever names, the cereal boxes showcase great art, comedic flavor texts and marshmallow superhero designs.

Unfortunately Bamboota's and Fernandez' line of Marvel breakfast cereals aren't available in stores, however, for those in love with the designs, they are available for purchase as t-shirts.