From Targeted Highway Billboards to Localized Fitness Campaigns

 - Jan 7, 2016
These examples of regional advertising rely on their immediate surroundings to communicate a campaign message to the population of a specific geographic location.

Location-specific billboards offer some of the easiest ways to engage local groups. For instance, there are now several brands that play with local pop culture, such as references to Toronto's own Drake as the city's '6 God.' In a similar, but less obvious way, Nike Toronto also created a series of billboards that target the community's female runners, comically remarking on the neighborhood's population of oversized raccoon.

On a larger scale, Marvel and Disney teamed up to execute projection mapping technology displays on a number of iconic London landmarks. While many location-specific ads would only be relevant and appealing to locals, at this size, the projections dazzled both locals and tourists.

While many brands and marketers are making the most of proximity marketing with innovations like beacons, these simple regional advertising examples demonstrate that technology does not always need to be involved to create successful location-specific marketing strategies.