This Groot Cake is Based off of the Guardians of the Galaxy Film

The Guardians of the Galaxy film recently struck gold at the box office over the last couple of days. In honor of the film's release, London-based bakery Tattooed Bakers created this innovative cake designed to look like the alien tree-based character named Groot.

In the comic books, Groot is an intergalactic alien tree character that was first sent to earth to capture humans for experimentation. Since turning good, he joined the Guardians of the Galaxy to help save planet earth. Tattooed Bakers' Groot cake pays tribute to Marvel's Groot character not only with a lifelike cake, but by also infusing the cake with edible bark. This cake uses fondant and edible ingredients to recreate Groot's brown bark body and face. The cake is so intricate it even comes with shadowing and wood grain details.