- Aug 20, 2015
When you see a toy company grow to be as big and fundamental as this has, it's only natural to see a variety of pop culture LEGO collaborations emerge.

LEGO toys are literally and metaphorically the building blocks of people's childhoods. When you're young, you can play with them to create your own fantasy worlds and when you're older, you see them become the most realistic re-creations of some of pop cultures greatest achievements. From the biggest movie franchises like Lord of the Rings and Batman to the biggest sitcoms like Seinfeld, LEGO's cultural reach is infinite.

These collaborations are seen as a true stamp of how big a media entity can become culturally when they are created in LEGO form. From young people exploring the brand to older people that still appreciate the craftsmanship, these pop culture LEGO collaborations are an amusing sight.

From Superhero LEGO Statues to Robot LEGO Toys: